Technical methods for XAI

Action Influence Graphs
Agent-based explainable systems
Ante-hoc approaches for interpretability
Argumentative-based approaches for explanations
Argumentation theory for explainable AI
Attention mechanisms for XAI
Automata for explaining Recurrent Neural Network models
Auto-encoders & explainability of latent spaces
Bayesian modelling for interpretable models
Black-boxes vs white-boxes
Case-based explanations for AI systems
Causal inference & explanations
Constraints-based explanations
Decomposition of neural network-based models for XAI
Deep learning & XAI methods
Defeasible reasoning for explainability
Evaluation approaches for XAI-based systems
Explainable methods for edge computing
Expert systems for explainability
Explainability & the semantic web
Explainability of signal processing methods
Finite state machines for enabling explainability
Fuzzy systems & logic for explainability
Graph neural networks for explainability
Hybrid & transparent black box modelling
Interpreting & explaining Convolutional Neural Network
Interpretable representational learning
Methods for latent spaces interpretations
Model-specific vs model-agnostic methods for XAI
Neuro-symbolic reasoning for XAI
Natural language processing for explanations
Ontologies & taxonomies for supporting XAI
Pruning methods with XAI
Post-hoc methods for explainability
Reinforcement learning for enhancing XAI systems
Reasoning under uncertainty for explanation
Rule-based XAI systems
Robotics & explainability
Sample-centric & Dataset-centric explanations
Self-explainable methods for XAI
Sentence embeddings to explainable semantic features
Transparent & explainable learning methods
User interfaces for explainability
Visual methods for representational learning
XAI Benchmarking
XAI methods for neuroimaging & neural signals
XAI & reservoir computing

Ethical considerations for XAI

Accountability & responsibility in XAI-based technologies
Addressing user-centric requirements for XAI systems
Assessment of model accuracy & interpretability trade-off
Explainable Bias & fairness of XAI-based systems
Explainability for discovering, improving, controlling & justifying
Explainability as a prerequisite for responsible AI systems
Explainability & data fusion
Explainability & responsibility in policy guidelines
Explainability pitfalls & dark patterns in XAI
Historical foundations of XAI
Moral principles & dilemma for XAI-based systems
Multimodal XAI approaches
Philosophical consideration of synthetic explanations
Prevention & detection of deceptive AI explanations
Social implications of automatically-generated explanations
Theoretical foundations of XAI
Trust & explainable AI
The logic of scientific explanation for/in AI
The epistemic & moral goods expected from explaining AI
XAI for fairness checking
XAI for time series-based approaches
XAI for transparency & unbiased decision making

Psychological notions and concepts for XAI

Algorithmic transparency & actionability
Cognitive approaches & architectures for explanations
Cognitive relief in explanations
Contrastive nature of explanations
Comprehensibility vs interpretability vs explainability
Counterfactual explanations
Designing new explanation styles
Explanations for correctability
Faithfulness & intelligibility of explanations
Interpretability vs traceability
Interestingness & informativeness of explanations
Irrelevance of probabilities to explanations
Iterative dialogue explanations
Justification & explanations in AI-based systems
Local vs global interpretability & explainability
Methods for assessing the quality of explanations
Non-technical explanations in AI-based systems
Notions and metrics of/for explainability
Persuasiveness & robustness of explanations
Psychometrics of human explanations
Qualitative approaches for explainability
Questionnaires & surveys for explainability
Scrutability & diagnosis of XAI methods
Soundness & stability of XAI methods
Theories of explanation

Social examinations of XAI

Adaptive explainable systems
Backward & forward-looking responsibility forms to XAI
Data provenance & explainability
Explainability for reputation
Epistemic and non-epistemic values for XAI
Human-centric explainable AI
Person-specific XAI systems
Presentation & personalization of AI explanations for target groups
Social nature of explanations

Legal and administrative considerations of/for XAI

Black-box model auditing & explanation
Explainability in regulatory compliance
Human rights for explanations in AI systems
Policy-based systems of explanations
The potential harm of explainability in AI
Trustworthiness of explanations for clinicians & patients
XAI methods for model governance
XAI in policy development
XAI to increase situational awareness & compliance behaviour

Safety & security approaches for XAI

Adversarial attacks explanations
Explanations for risk assessment
Explainability of federated learning
Explainable IoT malware detection
Privacy & agency of explanations
XAI for Privacy-Preserving Systems
XAI techniques of stealing attack & defence
XAI for human-AI cooperation
XAI & models output confidence estimation

Applications of XAI-based systems

Application of XAI in cognitive computing
Dialogue systems for enhancing explainability
Explainable methods for medical diagnosis
Business & Marketing applications of XAI
Biomedical knowledge discovery & explainability
Explainable methods for Human-computer Interaction
Explainability in decision-support systems
Explainable recommender systems
Explainable methods for finance & automatic trading systems
Explainability in agricultural AI-based methods
Explainability in transportation systems
Explainability for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Explainability in brain-computer interface systems
Interactive applications for XAI
Manufacturing chains & application of XAI systems
Models of explanations in criminology, cybersecurity & defence
XAI approaches in Industry 4.0
XAI systems for health-care
XAI technologies for autonomous driving
XAI methods for bioinformatics
XAI methods for linguistics & machine translation
XAI methods for neuroscience
XAI models & applications for IoT
XAI methods for XAI for terrestrial, atmospheric, & ocean remote sensing
XAI in sustainable finance & climate finance
XAI in bio-signals analysis