If authors of accepted articles would like to publish their Springer manuscript open access, they should familiarise themselves with these guidelines, and provide the following required information to Springer:

Title of the proceedings: eXplainable Artificial Intelligence. 2nd World Conference on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence, xAI-2023, Lisbon, Portugal
Names of all the volume editors in the order in which they are to appear: Luca Longo, Sebastian Lapuschkin, Christin Seifert
Title of the Paper
Names (and affiliations) of all of the authors
Name and email address of the corresponding author, who will sign the CC-BY form on behalf of all of the authors
Full invoicing address, including name, telephone number and email address of a contact person, and the VAT number if the funder has one

The above information needs to be sent to ccis@springer.com

After sending the above-required information, Springer will prepare a tailored copyright form.