1st International Conference on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI 2023)

Call for late-breaking results & demos

(26/28 July 2023, Lisbon, Portugal)

The conference organisation invites Late-Breaking Results (LBR) and demonstration papers of innovative XAI-based systems (including research prototypes), as described below.

Late-Breaking Results

We encourage researchers and practitioners to submit late-breaking work as it provides a unique opportunity to share valuable ideas, elicit helpful feedback on early-stage work, and foster discussions and collaborations among colleagues. Late-Breaking Results (LBR) are research-in-progress that must contain original and unpublished accounts of innovative research ideas, preliminary results, industry showcases, and system prototypes, addressing the theory and practice of eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). In addition, articles introducing recently started research projects or summarizing project results are welcome.

Authors of demos are required to submit a single PDF containing:

1Max. 4 pages + max. 2 additional pages for references (required)
2A single page with a list of questions the authors aim to get feedback on (required)
3A poster in A3 (vertical) (required)


Demonstrations will showcase research prototypes or commercially available products in a dedicated session. Demo submissions must be based on an implemented and tested XAI-based system that pursues one or more innovative ideas in the interest areas of the conference. Demonstrations are an exciting way to showcase implementations of XAI-based systems and to get valuable feedback from the community. Each demo submission must determine which aspects of the proposed XAI-based system will be demonstrated on-site at the conference and which will be showcased online.

Authors of demos are required to submit a single PDF containing:

1Max. 4 pages + max. 2 additional page for references describing the XAI-based system & its technical details (Required)
2A page describing how demonstrators would present the demo [on screen and/or live] (Required)
3Video or external material demonstrating the XAI-based system in action (Optional)
4Any external material related to the demo (e.g., shared code on GitHub) (Optional)


Late-breaking results and demonstrations must be submitted according to deadlines and prepared according to the submission instructions below. Late-breaking results and demos must be written using Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) in the format provided here. Latex and word files are admitted: however, the former is preferred (word template, latex template, latex in overleaf). All submissions and reviews will be handled electronically.

Late-breaking results and demos must be submitted using the easy-chair platform here. Authors must select the track: “Late-breaking work and demos”.

Publication & indexing

All the accepted late-breaking work and demos “shall be submitted to CEUR-WS.org for online publication” in a dedicated free, open-access volume in CEUR Workshop Proceedings. All these proposals will also be indexed in Scopus since CEUR partners with it.

Note that “shall be submitted to CEUR-WS.org for online publication” means we do not have control over the decision taken by the CEUR-WS committee to approve them, as reported in the publishing guidelines by CEUR-WS.org. However, since the conference organisation strictly adheres to these guidelines, we can be sure that CEUR-WS will accept our request.

*All dates are Anywhere on Heart time (AoE)

Article (main track & special tracks)

Abstracts registration deadline* (easy-chair):April 15, 2023
Article submission deadline* (easy-chair):April 20, 2023
Notification of acceptance:May 12, 2023
Registration & camera ready:May 19, 2023
Publication (Springer CCIS series)August 2023
*full, short and extended abstract articles

Doctoral consortium (DC) proposal

DC Proposal registration deadline (easy-chair):April 16th 2023
DC Proposal submission deadline (easy-chair):April 30, 2023
Notification of acceptance:May 7, 2023
Registration:May 19, 2023
Publication (planned with CEUR-WS.org*)August 2023
*Proceedings shall be submitted to CEUR-WS.org for online publication

Late-breaking work & demos

Late-breaking work & demo registration (easy-chair):May 21, 2023
Late-breaking work & demo submission (easy-chair):May 28, 2023
Notification of acceptance:June 06, 2023
Publication (planned with CEUR-WS.org*)August 2023
*Proceedings shall be submitted to CEUR-WS.org for online publication

Special track proposal

Proposal submission (contact):Anytime before February 08 February 15 2023

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion proposals:May 21, 2023
Notification of acceptance:May 28, 2023
Registration of Panel Discussions facilitators:June 06, 2023


The World Conference on eXplainable AI26-28 July 2023